Stoners Laboratory

Stoner Bros is a collection of NFTs ready to fill the Solana blockchain with good vibes, good music and rewards. Stoners Bros are humans mutated by the high level of THC in their blood. They can fill your life with happiness and good vibes.


Every Stoner needs a lover

If you have two Stoner Bros you will be rewarded with a Stoner Sis completely free by burning one of your Stoner Bros. This burning mechanism will lower the supply and will make the collection more exclusive and valuable.

Stoner Bro + Stoner Bro = Stoner Bro and Stoner Sis.

(Meaning that you will be able to keep your favorite Stoner Bro but will sacrifice the other to have a Stoner Sis.)

Hmm… who knows what can happen when you hold a female and a male Stoner. Maybe a little something?

At the end, both Stoner Bros and Stoner Sis collection will be very limited since you will receive a Stoner Sis by burning a Stoner Bro.


Entering the Metaverse

Our Stoner Bros community is welcomed to join us in the Metaverse to have virtual experiences where we can share and chill with our Stoner Bros.


Entering the Physiverse

A new way to reward and expand our community. With the minting funds and secondary royalties we will be building a small place to chill and an online smoke shop where Stoner Bros holders can vibe, share with friends and family in a cool, quiet and natural place. All holders will have a 20% discount off their stay and free limited edition merch when they arrive to the property.

We will be renting the property in rental sites. Every information regarding our property and online shop will be shared in our socials.



Stoner Bros team will be creating a merch brand where you can buy clothes, accessories and more. Holders can even win free merch through giveaways or special events.



Our main goal is to be successful enough to help those in needs. Part of our funds will be used for communities chosen by our stoner community. We are stoners together.


Solana Rewards

Solana rewards with 40% of the rental funds and 40% of the online smoke shop funds will be airdropped sporadically to some lucky Stoner Bros after a successfully mint and expansions.



It's a huge project we are planning. Phase 4 (Physiverse) is something that will take months for obvious reasons such as the construction process, design, among others. While working with Phase 4 (Physiverse), we will be starting and completing all the other Phases. Phase 7 will be available after finishing Phase 4.